Monthly Archives:March 2014

  • Don’t Give Up

    TGIMonday! How's your monday treating you? Are you feeling excited and ready take this upcoming week head-on? ....No? That's ok, in fact, this could be an incredible opportunity for you to

  • ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ Book Review

    Hi everyone! Last week I listened to Timothy Ferriss' "The 4-Hour Workweek" compliments of the King County Library System (if you haven't checked out their app, you absolutely should! tons of

  • iPhone Detox

    Thank God It's Monday!! Can I just start off saying I'm excited for a new week! I don't even have anything special that is causing this, I'm just looking at this week as if someone hit "reset" and

  • The Magic Lamp

    Happy Friday! Quick update: On my GTD system, I've used it every day this week and it has been fantastic! Just being able to visually see everything that you've been juggling around in your head

  • Starting “Getting Things Done”

    TGIMonday! I'm starting back up on a productivity system called "Getting Things Done" or "GTD". It's a system created by David Allen and he wrote a best-selling book about this system where you

  • How Successful People Think- Book Review

    I figured I'd give myself an easy layup shot for my first non-introductory blog post to help make this new journey start off on a smooth path. Under the theme of Learning, this post is a book review

  • The Beginning

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to the newest chapter in my life: I'm starting up a weekly blog! I'll get straight to the point here, I've become infected with the desire to learn how to live my life to its