Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the newest chapter in my life: I’m starting up a weekly blog! I’ll get straight to the point here, I’ve become infected with the desire to learn how to live my life to its full potential. I have just grown sick and tired of looking back at the end of the day and realize I am no more better off than when I started. I’m discontent with passively watching from the stands as other people pursue their dreams; I want to join in the race!

As I prepare to move to Kirkland to study Finance & Accounting at Northwest University, my eyes are opening up to the reality of how stagnate my life previously has been; that is where this blog comes in. This blog is going to be the platform I’ll be building on as I make positive changes forward. I want to share my story in the midst of the change so that I can be held accountable, and as well encourage others to move forward as well.

Here’s the plan: I plan on writing twice a week, and keep the posts relatively short (under 500 words maybe?). I will be posting updates on the progress I’ve made on personal projects, but I will be posting other personal growth-related material on here as well. My focus will be on areas of personal growth in: Learning, Fitness, Productivity, Finance, and Health.

Here’s a sample of types of posts I will share on this blog: status updates on habits, book reviews (non-fiction), goal announcements, sharing of other cool blogs on personal growth, motivational rants, public eating of humble pie, sharing of cool concepts/products aiding personal growth.

The point here is that I want to change, I want to live up to my potential and shake off those shackles of comfort and fear that have held me back, but even more importantly, I want to help you do the same! This blog will help me obviously, but I want this to help you reach your potential! I feel that if I can be humble and honest and share my story when I’m not an authority figure, I can encourage you to move forward without feeling like I’ve got it all together and am looking down on you, or whatever negative reaction you may have towards the big names in personal development.

I’m eager to learn more and to do more, so as we venture down this road to excellence, feel free to relay in cool blogs, facts, or strategies that you have found beneficial to me either through the comments or to me directly at: Grant@grantXstorer.com

—Grant X.

Life verse: “But a generous man devises generous things and by his generosity he will stand.” -Isaiah 32:8

Life Mission Statement: To be intentionally focused on providing opportunity and adding value to others.