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  • 100 Books

    Hey sorry I'm behind in my posts this past week, I had been sick all week, which rarely do I ever get sick, so I don't know what to do with myself when that happens. Anyways, I'm up and running

  • Washington: A Life

    I'd like to share a new personal goal I'm working on: I'm intending on reading biographies of all U.S. Presidents in chronological order! I haven't verified that there are published books of all the

  • Learning To Cook

    TGIMonday! Since I'll be moving to an apartment in Kirkland in August, I've decided to start a new personal project to help better prepare me for this transition: I'm learning to cook! Even

  • What Are You Focusing On?

    Where's Your Focus? I have a question: Do you focus on removing negatives from your life, or do you focus on enhancing the positives in your life? It's an interesting question to ask, isn't