Monthly Archives:May 2014

  • John Adams

    I have now finished my second book as a part of my goal to read the biographies of all U.S. Presidents in chronological order, and I have to say I'm absolutely loving it! I had watched the HBO

  • Hello, New York!

    Last week I finally took my vacation time off from work, and since I'm in this stage of transformation, I decided to take a little adventure to New York City! I'll throw in a few pictures in this

  • My Week With Restricted Internet

    Hello from NY! Last Monday I decided to try out a little project in that I restricted all my internet browsing to three predetermined short blocks of time throughout the day. I realized that I

  • Breaking Free From Facebook and the Internet

    TGIMonday! I've realized that I haven't done a good job at detailing my progress on the projects I've been taking on, which some projects I've been able to sustain well, and others I've found