I’ve realized that I haven’t done a good job at detailing my progress on the projects I’ve been taking on, which some projects I’ve been able to sustain well, and others I’ve found difficulty maintaining. Since I want to be an encouragement through my successes and my failures, I’m going to be more intentional about writing followup posts to projects I’ve started.

I will begin this new initiative on this week’s latest project: Media fasting.

i.A.(not A.I.): iPhone-addicts anonymous

I hate to admit it, but I’m an iPhone addict. I already have a previous post on here detailing how I removed 2/3 of all my apps from my phone, and about a month into this, I’m loving it! Haven’t missed them one bit! But even though I took off all my social media apps, I still find myself spending just as much time on Facebook and Twitter as I used to. That is why I’m going to experiment with this week where I’m going to limit myself to 30 mins of internet use, daily. That may still seem excessive, but I know I can let whole minutes pass by with me even noticing so if I can have some kind of restriction is going to useful.

How it’ll work:

As I said earlier, I’m allowing myself 30 minutes of internet browsing time daily. I plan on breaking that time up into 3×10 minute segments throughout the day: approx. 4am, 12pm, 8pm.

How I will enforce this is by deactivating the Safari browser (I don’t want to hear it, Chromesters, I like Safari and listen to Nickelback, so what?) from my phone and just turning off the internet access altogether on my iPad. Then will just turn Safari and WiFi on when I intend on using one of my 10 min segments.

    Fun fact: Did you know you can turn off cellular data off on individual apps? Just go to Setting>Cellular and scroll down. You can then see how much cellular data each app uses and can turn them off.

Another thing I’ll be doing is measuring is simply how many times I feel prompted to check the internet on a given day. I’ll have an Evernote doc open and will write down the time and reason for my urge to browse the internet. Should be interesting to see how many times I go on just purely out of habit.


Just to clarify, I’m just cutting out my browsing time. Like my Evernote is connected to the internet, and posting this blog is using the internet, I just want to cut out that wasteful use of the internet and just attacking my browser-use.

I’ll followup on Friday to detail my results.

—Grant X.
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