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  • Sleep: Quantified

    The results are in! I've been conducting a little experiment on myself over the past 6 weeks on finding answers to the question: Can I hack my sleep cycle to maximize my efficiency?  If you

  • The Summer Cirriculum

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick post on my progress through my personal development program, The Xavier Project. I recently talked about how I put some structure to my reading,

  • 12 Book Rotation

    Thank God It's Monday! Today I'd like to share my latest format that I've integrated into my life: Intentional reading. I just realized that I haven't written about my reading methods yet

  • It’s A New Year

    Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been wanted this to be my first post after my birthday and it just took a lot longer than expected to get it all set up. Calendar Year & Fiscal

  • iPhone Detox

    Thank God It's Monday!! Can I just start off saying I'm excited for a new week! I don't even have anything special that is causing this, I'm just looking at this week as if someone hit "reset" and

  • The Magic Lamp

    Happy Friday! Quick update: On my GTD system, I've used it every day this week and it has been fantastic! Just being able to visually see everything that you've been juggling around in your head