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  • First Shoes, Then Financial Independence: Perpetual Value Year 1 Results

    For the past year, I’ve been conducting a small set of experiments on myself and my finances. It’s part of a concept I’ve been developing that I’ve been calling “Perpetual Value,” where

  • The Blood Bucket Challenge

    Hey everyone! Before I get to the subject of this post, I just wanted to make a quick update and say today was my first day at Northwest University! Since the day was just simply introductions and

  • My Start in Kirkland

    I officially made my move from Auburn to Kirkland last night, and so far everything is going according to plan, except I have a roommate in the temporary dorm and neither of us were expecting the

  • Farewell, Auburn… Hello Kirkland!

    TGIMonday! Well, we have finally come to that point, I'm moving to Kirkland on Friday! Many of you all know I will be attending Northwest University in the fall, but I haven't expressed a

  • My Week With Restricted Internet

    Hello from NY! Last Monday I decided to try out a little project in that I restricted all my internet browsing to three predetermined short blocks of time throughout the day. I realized that I

  • 100 Books

    Hey sorry I'm behind in my posts this past week, I had been sick all week, which rarely do I ever get sick, so I don't know what to do with myself when that happens. Anyways, I'm up and running

  • The Beginning

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to the newest chapter in my life: I'm starting up a weekly blog! I'll get straight to the point here, I've become infected with the desire to learn how to live my life to its