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  • The Missing Good Samaritan – When Joel Osteen’s Prosperity Gospel Failed Houston

    (Posted originally on Facebook) So last night I was really heated, and made a rare outburst on Facebook about Lakewood Church and the Osteens. I did leave room for correction and change for the

  • My White Privilege in Trump America

    Can I share a couple of thoughts with you all? If anything, can you at least read the final paragraph for me? One term that I've really struggled with is "white privilege." I understand that it is

  • The End of Poverty

    I have something incredibly exciting to share with you all, and it's something I've been wanting to talk about for a while; I want to talk about micro credit and eliminating extreme poverty! This

  • It Is Not Over Yet

    Happy Hump Day! I just have a quick post about a simple but powerful thought I had. How's your New Year's Resolution going? Ouch. We're halfway through the year and for the most part, the

  • What Are You Focusing On?

    Where's Your Focus? I have a question: Do you focus on removing negatives from your life, or do you focus on enhancing the positives in your life? It's an interesting question to ask, isn't

  • Don’t Give Up

    TGIMonday! How's your monday treating you? Are you feeling excited and ready take this upcoming week head-on? ....No? That's ok, in fact, this could be an incredible opportunity for you to