How’s your monday treating you? Are you feeling excited and ready take this upcoming week head-on? ….No? That’s ok, in fact, this could be an incredible opportunity for you to take leaps forward towards your success!

I feel like being open about my emotions and say that this past week was a very motivationally taxing week for me personally. Every day has been a struggle to muster up the strength to push forward rather than let life put me on ‘cruise control’, and sometimes I did fail to maximize my opportunities. I’ll be honest, I’ve slipped on staying current with my GTD program, and I haven’t been as consistent in waking up on time, and it’s very frustrating that I’m not operating at my peak performance.

I’m saying this because I’m wanting to talk about pushing through obstacles and I want it to be clear that I’m not on some emotional high where everything is sunshine and rainbows, but rather I’m without that external motivation and trying to draw from internal sources.

I have a message for you and for myself as well: DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Stop waiting for the right circumstance and the appropriate amount of motivation to appear to move forward, just keep going! If you’re only going to get 3 hours of sleep if you workout in the morning, tough! Make that sacrifice and push through and work out THEN evaluate your situation. If you need to make adjustments so you get more sleep, then great, but stop making excuses and push through it!

This is conceptually obvious, but do you really understand that pursuing your dreams is INCREDIBLY painful? It’s so easy to look at success stories and rationalize their obstacles in hindsight: Viktor Frankl had to endure the Nazi concentration camps to solidify his theories in Logotherapy, Dave Ramsey had to go bankrupt in order to develop a financial strategy that has helped millions restore financial stability, Einstein could only get a job doing clerical work at a patent office when he first drafted the Theory of Relativity.

Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to grow! You’re situation may suck, but so did it for everyone who found success in life. Like with Einstein, maybe your dead-end job could be the crowning setting to your future success story. What good is the story of Joseph from the Bible if he hadn’t suffered?

I believe growth yields the best results in the absence of motivation. It seems like I yield noticeable results following a workout that I had no motivation doing and felt like crap. It’s like my body gives me an added bonus because I worked out my physical muscles as well as my willpower muscles.

I’m not condemning motivation, I’m saying you can’t just wait for motivation. Motivation is just the NOS for your life’s engine that can propel you forward at a faster pace than you normally would.

Just don’t give up! Think of your future-self that lives 20 years from now; what do you think your future-self would advise you to do when you’re down? I’ll tell you: (barring any needed course correction) your future-self would scream at you to not to give up and not to give in! Their very existence is contingent on you pushing through your pain to keep moving forward!

Push yourself to the breaking point, produce some scars, and leave a mark that you can look back at and see what your sacrifice produced. Just don’t give up.


—Grant X.

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