I do not know if you have noticed that I haven’t posted much on my productivity-maximizing system, The Xavier Project. The simple answer is this: I burned out.

I’m still in the process of identifying what gave out that caused my collapse. It was almost overnight that I went from hitting all my goals and making huge progress in vital areas in my daily routine, to going almost two straight weeks that I did not wake up on time to my alarm.

It has been very frustrating, and at the end of August I hit pause on the entire system and haven’t been on my system for the past two weeks. During that time where I couldn’t wake up on time, I even went back to the routine that did previously work in which I was getting 6 hours, but I would sleep in and push it to over 6.5 hours, or I wouldn’t go to bed early enough and sleep in until I got 6 hours and would feel terrible all morning.

But I’m not satisfied with the answer that I simply burned out, I have a hunch I’m on the cusp of something worthwhile that can systematically propel me forward, and I want to continue to refine my system so I don’t fall off the cliff like I did.

Moving forward:

I’m in the process of updating my system and starting back at level 1, but I think I just spread myself too thin between all my different objectives. I believe in the power of focus and I think that I got too caught up in stacking habits on top of each other before they had time to cement. So I’m going see how I can constantly give myself the sense of daily progress without over leveraging myself.

One last thing, I actually did wake up on time today, and the one thing I did change was I made my alarm play this mix tape of motivational speeches over strong beats. Maybe hearing someone actually making proclamations gets me going more than smooth tones or loud rock music for alarms.

Anyways, this was just a quick update, and I just wanted to be open and honest about my failures so that I don’t have to fear failure. Because the only way to succeed is to experience and learn from failure, and I have a phobia of failure and intend on overcoming it.